Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I want... by Careless Heart

Today I asked someone if they wanted to go to the movies to see the Disney Movie Tron. As you all know, that movie is no longer in regular movie theaters. When they found out that it was at the dollar theater, they were like, “do you know who I am”. This is where this blog was inspired from.

I would love someone who does not mind going to the dollar theater for a date. If there is a movie there that you would like to see, why not go. Call me cheap but it’s about spending time with the person. Now I have to admit, I would not take someone to the dollar movie on our first date unless it was a movie I had heard them talk about that they really wanted to see but they missed it when it was in the theater. I also want someone that does not mind sitting at home drinking a three bottle wine. I want someone that can enjoy the finer things in life as well. We don’t always have to go to an island for vacation or to get away, but it would be nice. I would enjoy someone just getting a room in the city that we live in and having a night out on the town. I want someone that’s family oriented but their family is not their entire life. I want someone that’s willing to plan and do things just as much as I do. I like to be thought of and I’m surely going to think of the person as well. Having someone in my life that I do not have to worry about whether they are cheating or what they are doing is very important to me. I feel like that causes more stress than being single. You can keep that. If I don’t trust you, you’re probably not a major part of my life. I want someone that wants forever with someone else. Why plan for now. I want a future with you. I’m not afraid to live with the person I’m with, let them meet my family, and get things together. I want someone secure enough to be themselves. We don’t have to hold hands when we walk down the street or you have to introduce me as your partner, but don’t introduce me as a lie. I hate when people are like, this is my good friend from school. Just say, this is Phillip and leave it at that. No need for explanations. I want someone that feels like my world and I feel like theirs. I want someone that’s mine.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Red Hat - Distant Lover

I dont know what it is about dudes in red hats but it increases their sex appeal. Even if he isnt that cute you give him a second look. I cant say its the color because if someone has on a red shirt then it isnt the same. I didnt notice it until someone from my pass pointed it out. Then after looking in the mirror I saw it *ting* :). I was like damn! I use to always wonder why my best friend wore that red hat with EVERYTHING lol. Its a well kept secret. In side that girl you just walk by with that red hat on she is saying to her self, "I know you looking". Some ppl dont realize what power they possess by having on that hat. I say it gives off a lil more boy then normal. Now when I see the other half walking out the house with a red hat, he will be sent the other way. I dont know where the hell he think hes going...

Quiet As A Mouse. By Careless Heart

I was warm, warm like hot ice.
So hot because they had just walked in the room,
So cold because I couldn't move.
I wanted to exit the room, but if I did they would see,
Still cold because there was no one to call my own beside me.
So what do I do? Do I remain cold and curl into a ball,
Or do I go and speak. That way I warm my body because I know my temper will rise,
Naw, Naw, I'll stay quiet as a mouse. Don't want any problems.
Oh by the way, I miss you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

UNpretty - Distant Lover

I'm looking in the mirror at my reflection I am...
I cant find the word to describe how I feel right now
Its not a good feeling either
I feel so low right now and when I ask other ppl to look they cant see it
All I need is for you to say it
Say that you love me, say that you need me
I just need to hear words that only you can say
Only you can make me feel pretty again
I cant tell you to say it or it wont be the same
Can you see me, i feel invisible
I am crying but no one hears me
Bae I really need you to tell me
Because I feel unpretty :(

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dating???? Careless Heart

What does it mean to date. I think me and my friends talk about this way too much. We all have different views on what it means to date. Some believe that you should date someone for months before your sleep in the same bed while some believe that they will lose interest if they do not sleep with them within a month. Should you date several people at the same time? This is a good question. I believe that if you seriously have interest in someone, you should not be dating more than that person. I think dating is hard enough to juggle around people. I can’t say that I haven’t dated more than one person because I have. When I do it, I do it because I don’t really have a great bit of interest of the people or because they aren’t showing a great deal of interest in me and it is what it, a date (a night out and about or in enjoying the company of another.). My friends say that I date as if I’m in a relationship. I’m starting to think that this is the wrong route to take. Why do certain things with someone. I swear the way I date leaves nothing for me to look forward to in the future. The buck stops here. Date it down dawl is back in effect, but in a new way.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

who are u by Distant Lover

Wat defines you? If someone gives an explanation of you what will they say. Will they emphasise your flaws or your skin color? Matter of fact how do u define yourself...what do you see when u look in the mirror. If u walk in the room knowing ur the badest everyone will think likewise. So i leave u with this, who defines u...the answer should be u.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A heart never changes. By Careless Heart

Tonight I spoke to an old friend. Don't get upset when I say this, but the best friend I've ever had. I decided to text them just to make sure all was well. Needless to say all was not well. When I heard this, everything turned back to what it used to be. This is one person that I would cross the ocean for just to give them a piece of gum if they wanted it. I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew I was willing to do anything to make it better. They said they would probably take me up on my offer to help. Ten minutes later, I got a call from them and my heart immediately dropped. I have not spoken to this person in months so there was a burst of excitement and concern all at the same time. When I found out that it was relationship problems, I was so relieved. I was worried that it was something a bit more than that. I went straight into friend mode and tried my best to talk them through it. It was pretty hard to hear words phrases like, "this is the only person I have like since you", but that was not my main concern; my main concern was to make sure that this person was alright, even if it meant their heart. I talked them through it, and we got off the phone. This is extremely weird for me because I just got to the point to where I decided that I would give a relationship a chance and stop focusing so much on what me and this friend had built and lived in the past. It's hard to date when you come from something so great, easy, and beautiful. Overall, I realize that this was the only person that I ever wanted to love. Do I still love them? Yes. Would I still love to be with them? Yes. Would I still do anything in the world for them? Yes. After asking myself all these questions, I had one more question to ask. If I was dating someone and this person decided that they wanted to come back in my life, would I drop the person I was dating? The answer would still be yes. With that being said, I not so sure if I'm ready to give love a try again.

Guess my heart isn't so careless, or at least this is the reason why it is.